Project omschrijving

Family reunion with Openluchttheater Rivierenhof

A place where everyone comes together between the trees. This special concert hall has a special atmosphere around it. Lust for live came up with the wonderful concept of using memories as the starting point, this was translated to a dia projection. All the good memories you can have about this park we combined with attributes of the bands playing that summer. This all came together in these two animated commercials. The mood was happy the sky was bright and at the end we stayed all night…

Client :

Lust for live

Agency :

Remy M. Ndow

Our Contribution :

Art direction
Character design
Cell Animation

Platforms :

ACHT(Belgian commercial television channel)
VIER (Belgian commercial television channel)

Ilustration of an eye a letter and bacteria. Illustrated in a minimalistic way
Four animated circles flying around and forming the number 9
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