Project omschrijving

Journey through the roots of Openluchttheater Rivierenhof

A unique place beneath the trees where happiness and sound literally bloom. OpenluchtTheater Rivierenhof is a unique theater located in the middle of Antwerp’s biggest park. Showcasing this special place we took our inspiration from the park itself, Rivierenhof, literally translated river garden. Starting from under water we take a journey trough the roots of the park and end up in the flourishing crown of the trees. On the way running into the many artists performing in the theater.

We stayed in the same universe for the second video.  Taking our inspiration from Baloo the bear floating carelessly on the river with Mowgli on his belly. Making the letters emerge from the water proved challenging. So we made a complete alphabet animated letter per letter, we then used these animated letters as the font for this video.  Also doing so with all the artists.

Client :

Openluchttheater Rivierenhof

Agency :

Remy M. Ndow

Our Contribution :

Art direction
Character design
Cell Animation

Platforms :

ACHT(Belgian commercial television channel)
VIER (Belgian commercial television channel)

Ilustration of an eye a letter and bacteria. Illustrated in a minimalistic way
Four animated circles flying around and forming the number 9
Animation of a flying letter in pencil #olt16
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