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About us

Visualizing good stories.
For you and your clients!

Do you remember that moment you found that coin in your jacket pocket after not wearing it for two months? What if you knew where that coin originally came from? And what if you knew the journey of that coin before it fell into your hands? Wouldn’t that be an interesting story? At least, we would love to hear that story!

Just like the coin, every thing, person or business has it’s own story. You probably have one too. Bet your clients, friends or even fans would like to hear it… right? There is nothing more unique and authentic than storytelling.

Be the antagonist the people root for! We will seek for what makes you you, and translate it into a concept! It doesn’t matter if it’s an animation, identity, video or a social account, it all has a story.

That’s the story we will tell, together!